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Honorary Members

Dr. Ronald Wood

Dr Ronald Wood is director of Innovative Plant Technology Pty Ltd and has more than 30 years experience with all aspects of interior/exterior landscapes, in Australia, North America, Europe and Japan. He is an environmental scientist, acknowledged for pioneering research in the role of plants in the indoor environment for the reduction of air-borne volatile organic contaminants. He has advised on a number of major office buildings including the refurbishment of Grosvenor Place.

Adj. Prof. Margaret Burchett

Adj. Prof. Margaret Burchett has 40 years experience as a plant scientist, with special research expertise in the use of plants, both outdoors and indoors, as indicators and remediators of pollution, in air, soil or water. Margaret is now an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Science at UTS. For the last 15 years she has led the Plants and Indoor Environmental Quality group, researching the benefits of indoor plants to building occupants.  She sees collaboration with the industry as a vital part of keeping the research not only scientifically interesting but also of relevance to the industry and to community health.  She is also a member of the UTS interfaculty Centre for Environmental Sustainability & in 2009 was Chairperson.

Adj. Prof. Mark Thomson

Adj. Prof. Mark Thomson is an Ecological Architect and Adjunct Professor of the QUT School of Design, who has been reappointed as President of the Australian Green Development Forum and is the Corporate Sustainability Principal for Schiavello. As a researcher and practitioner, Mark Thomson leads the development and practical implementation of innovative solutions to improve people’s lives. Mark is a regular judge to national and international industry awards and regular presenter at conferences and Forums.