Media Watch: April 2015

A selection of online news, videos & blogs featuring interior plantscaping, biophilic design and urban greening projects recently:

Selling the sustainability message, April 23rd, 2015, The Fifth Estate, View article

Six mega trends in indoor agriculture, Agfunder News, April 23rd 2015, View article

3 Interiorscaping Mistakes I’ve Made That You Can Learn From, April 22nd NewPro Containers (blog), View article

Sick Building Syndrome and the importance of good air quality, Human Spaces, April 20th 2015, View article

Nature in the Space: Indoor Nature Connections, Terrapin, April 20th 2015,  View article

How green rooftops and vertical gardens are transforming London, Post Magazine, April 19th 2015, View article

Science explains your environmental leanings, Mother Nature Network, April 13, 2015, View article

In the future, doctors may tell you take two ‘doses of nature’ and call in the morning, Washington Post, April 8th 2015, View here

Why your office needs more plants, The Telegraph, April 7th 2015, View article

Meet The Startup That Wants To Make Vertical Farming Mainstream, Fast Company, April 7, 2015, View article

Despite deforestation, the world is getting greener – scientists, Yahoo News, March 30th 2015  View article

Houseplants Take Centre Stage, Review Journal, March 28th 2015, View article

Urban farming in your backyard? There’s a vertical aeroponic garden for that, Tree Hugger, March 20, 2015, View article

Biophilia will definitely change your way of designing forever, Landscape Architects Network, March 17th 2015, View article

Green Walls in Office Design, Resovate, March 3 2014, View here

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