Meet IPA Executive Committee Board – Julie Watson, Marketing Manager, Green Design, NSW

Julie Photo for IPA

Q. Why did you volunteer / agree to be on the Board and who persuaded you to volunteer? 

Elaine Tunn called and asked if I would be interested in joining the Board. I’m relatively new to the indoor plant industry (two years) and wasn’t sure I would be the right person to sit on the board. Elaine mentioned that the IPA were trying to include people with a marketing background to ensure there was a good mix of not only ‘plant people’, but people who could assist in promoting and initiating fresh ideas for the association.

Q. What do you hope to achieve during your term on the board?

It’s a cycle that I hope to keep building on i.e. more members = more income from sponsors = more options and events for members = more Information for and from members = more promotion of indoor plants = more respect for IPA (and accreditation) = more members.  I believe that any part of this cycle can be fed, to keep accelerating the loop. From a marketing perspective, I believe we should be feeding the cycle with ideas for more options and events for members and promoting indoor plants (to prospective target markets).

Q. What is your vision for the industry in the future – where do you see the opportunities emerging?

Unfortunately, many people only consider indoor plants as one of the last parts of their overall project. However I would like to see this change to ensure the use of indoor plants is in the forefront of their minds when they start their planning. I also see further opportunities by collaborating with other industry associations who have similar target markets.

For more information please contact: 2015 IPA Executive Board Member – Julie Watson, Marketing Manager, Green Design NSW.  T: 0422 110 921

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