IPA Member Profile: Paul Mead, Posh Services


Q1.  How long have you been in the interior plantscaping industry / your background in a nutshell? 
I grew up with a green thumb.  My parents have always been in the nursery industry and I had hands on experience from a young age.  My family entered the indoor plant industry when they bought a Tropical Plant Rentals franchise in 1989. After a year we left that and started our own indoor plant business as Posh.

Q2. What are the main changes you’ve seen in the industry over this time (for better or worse)?
All the changes I’ve seen have been for the better!  Way back in the old days, you could actually make more money  per plant / unit.  However these days there is much more interest in plantscaping (indoors and out) and many more opportunities. I have also seen a big change in the containers we use – the style, variety and designs have really improved over the years.  The plants we use have also improved – they have greater longevity and clients have more to choose from. As a business, we have also evolved from just focusing on indoor plants to now being a one stop shop and including more services including: landscaping, ground maintenance, garden design, irrigation solutions etc.

Q3. What are some of your proudest business achievements?

For us, our staff are a very high priority and we are proud of our excellent customer service and quality plants. Picking up some of the larger contracts is always exciting too!

Q4. What is your vision for the interior plantscaping industry for the future – where do you see the opportunities emerging? There are so many opportunities at the moment!!  Definitely we have seen the rise in popularity of the green walls & green roofs which has made a huge difference.  As our populations increase and we have greater urban density the need for urban greening will continue to grow. There are also a lot more opportunities for architectural plantscaping fitouts with greater choice of plants and designer containers.

Contact details: Paul Mead General Manager Posh Services M: 0418 472 016 E:  paul@poshservices.com.au W: www.poshservices.com.au

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