Media Watch: May 2015

A selection of online news, videos & blogs featuring interior plantscaping, biophilic design and urban greening projects recently:

  • Want to Save Money on Energy Costs? Install a Green Roof,, May 20, 2015, Read article
  • Blog: Indoor Garden Design at Chelsea, Efig, May 19 2015, Read article
  • The Kitchen Garden Goes High Tech, New York Times, May 19, 2015, Read article
  • Biophilic design brings nature and increased production to the workplace, CBC News, May 17, 2015, Read article
  • The happiest jobs: gardeners, florists and hairdressers top the list, Sydney Morning Herald, May 16, 2015, Read article
  • How a quick glimpse of nature can make you more productive, City Lab, May 5, 2015, Read article
  • Blog: Flower and plant trends 2015, EFIG, Read article
  • Skymeadows: View the Ten Largest Green Roofs in the World,, View here
  • Sleek new office spaces bring the outside in, Executive Style, May 7 2015, Read article
  • Video: Golden Thrones: Best in Bathrooms- Longwood’s Secret Garden, Watch clip
  • AeroFarms: Work starts to build world’s largest vertical urban farm in Newark, The Independent, April 28, 2015, Read article
  • Sick Building Syndrome and the importance of good air quality, Human Spaces, April 20, 2015, Read article
  • Blog: ‘Nature in the Space: Indoor Nature Connections’, Terrapin Bright Green, April 20 2015, Read article
  • Green Infrastructure for Greener City Streets,, April 15, 2015, Read article
  • Green Cities Provide Demonstrable Health Benefits,, January 12 2015, Read article.
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