Media Watch: June 2015

A selection of online news, videos & blogs featuring interior plantscaping, biophilic design and urban greening projects recently:

Indoor Plants gain popularity with growing awareness of health benefits: Read article

Study: Office Plants Boost Productivity and Morale: Read article

Can you afford not to be green read article

Green surroundings may alter your brain: Read article

Sleek new offices bring the outside in Read article

How Biophilia reduces workplace stress and drives productivity: Read article

Dream offices: harnessing plants in the cause of productivity: Read article

Seeing Green Boosts Your Concentration Research Shows: Read article

Interface Reports on Impact of Nature in Office Design: Read article

Going green helps more than the environment: Read article

Is green building on the right track Read article

Nine ways to incorporate edible planting into the urban landscape: Read article

Five Urban Farming Lessons: Read article

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