NEW!!! DIVA Planters by The Container Connection

Diva Planters Southbank

Southbank Brisbane and Roma Street wanted to liven it up a bit in some of their urban spaces by adding our grand lady of planters, the DIVA, in multi colours to enhance the ambience of the streetscape and to soften urban infrastructure. Dotted amongst the palm trees at Southbank, the Diva’s have a playful presence, which the community has fully embraced. For Roma Street it was to soften some of the harshness of concrete and steel alongside roadways with an avenue of Diva’s.

The residents and general community have been totally captivated by the transformation with many enjoying a break sitting in an amazing, colour filled location. Bravo Brisbane!

The Diva is manufactured in Melbourne, Australia from high-density recyclable polyethylene and is available in a completely recycled polyethylene in Black. Many Divas grace shopping centres, forecourts and landscape designs across Australia. Whether inside or out with colour or for architectural wow factor, the Diva delivers.

The Container Connection has branches in Qld, NSW, Victoria, Sth Aust, West Aust and NZ see our vast Australian planter range, litterbins and casual furniture on and contact your local branch. For New Zealand visit

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