Green Day Forum: Report by Julie Watson, Green Design

GBCA Green Building Day 3GBCA Green Building Day 5

At the recent Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) ‘Green Day Forum’, it was exciting to hear some of the speakers talking about Biophilia, 202020 Vision and Indoor Air quality being improved by plants. Large corporations are all heading in the ‘green’ direction and this will have a flow on effect for Property Mangers, Architects and Facility Managers.

Urban spaces are becoming greener and employees and the community are being asked more and more for their input. This ensures they are engaged with the process and feel aligned with nature in their living and working environment. It’s great to see the GBCA including plants so prominently in this forum. The colour of money is green, and getting greener! IPA members should take advantage of the many pieces of information coming their way to ensure good dialogue with their prospective clients on these topics.

Julie Watson, Green Design.

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