IPA Member Profile: Maryanne & Gary Volker, Evergreen Interiors, Mackay Qld.

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Q1. How long have you been in the interior plantscaping industry / your background in a nutshell?

Gary and I both came from rural (cane farming back grounds). With the downturn in the industry we looked to diversify. I began horticulture studies at TAFE when we stumbled across a small plant hire business that was for sale. This was in 2002. We built this up and purchased a further two plant hire businesses. In 2008 we rebranded as Evergreen Interiors to finalise the consolidation of Pioneer, Caneland and Hoffmaster Indoor Plant Hire and service the Mackay area in North Queensland.

Q2. What are the main changes you’ve seen in the industry over this time (for better or worse)?

One notable change is the ever increasing range of purpose built plant containers on the market today. The availability of affordable colourful Aglaonema species today is a great as people seem to have a need for colour. Personally I believe green is a great colour! Not so much a change, but a disappointing trend I’ve seen, is the uneducated cost cutting approach taken the public and private sector over the last couple of years. In 2012, across the board there have been axing of indoor plant hire services from Government offices in Queensland, similar to the cost cutting measures being implemented by businesses reliant on the resources sector at the present time.

Q3. What are some of your proudest business achievements?

I am always proud to be involved with businesses as they grow – starting as small business, hiring plants to them just one plant as they begin their journey, through to their success as the move to bigger, brighter premises where Evergreen Interiors now supply plant hire to numerous sites. Also being welcomed back by a client after an absence of plant hire due to perhaps renovations, relocation or management change, and being able to assist them to create an engaging workplace with ambiance that staff and customers enjoy.

Q4. What is your vision for the interior plantscaping industry for the future – where do you see the opportunities emerging?

I see there being an increased involvement in the green buildings and green technologies in the future. We’d like to see people think of plants as a solution; part of the approach to a healthier, happier and more profitable and sustainable workplace. Education is vital, but money talks, so the decision makers need to be well informed on the benefits indoor plants have for people, performance and profit.

 For more information please contact:

Maryanne Volker, Evergreen Interiors,
PO Box 1859, Mackay, QLD.
T: 0749540765 or Gary : 0408187565

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