Project Spotlight: Ambius & A1 Office Fitouts


A1 Office Fitouts design, construct, project manage and maintain office spaces. They believe that offices should possess synergy with a business’s brand and culture to make the day to day logistics of doing business easier.

In the competitive world of interior design and fit outs, A1 needs to stay ahead of the game and they do this with a focus on listening to their client’s unique needs and, as such, they work with an understanding that there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ design. Why does A1 Office Fitouts use plants in their designs?

“Plants play a big part in the way we design our offices”, explains Karl Simity, Project Consultant for A1. “We use them a lot to bring life to a stale environment.”

Plants often align with A1’s clients’ brand and culture goals; they:

  • Promote sustainability
  • Improve well-being
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Improve air quality
  • Display a healthy, thriving business to staff and clients

With each space designed by A1 comes a new experience and a new understanding of office design. They are constantly learning and evolving with the times, staying at the forefront of the office fitout and design industry.

While indoor plants are nothing new, A1 and Ambius take it to a new level by combining not only aesthetics and environmental sustainability but also practicality: using plants as sound-proof barriers as well as to insulate and cool buildings.

More information, please contact: Johan Hodgson, Operations Director, Ambius Australia p: +61 7 5502 6225 m: +61 410 606 692 e:

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