Selling Interior Plantscaping to Clients

by Letitia Grzes

We all know that finding the right companies for services we require can be difficult.  As is the case for clients seeking interior plantscaping.  Following are a few points on information to provide potential clients with to help them make the decision to use a service:

* Guarantee them the plantscaping will be tailored to their needs – design and budget

* List all the services they will receive for their money no matter how obvious it seems

* Showcase your portfolio – maximise on interior plantscaping being very visual

* Provide testimonials – recommendations cannot be underestimated.

Interior Plantscaping isn’t just solely placing indoor plants at random places inside a venue.  They have to be arranged strategically so that the architecture is complimented, occupants can reap maximum benefits and plants can thrive in the environment. Maintenance is also very important: making sure that the end product is well taken care of is very critical for the client’s investment.

Of course, among the most important thing clients will consider when looking for interior plantscaping companies is the budget. What use would all the benefits of interior plantscaping be if they cannot afford them anyway? Felixbility to be able to offer just the right package is imperative.  Always find out exactly what clients want and don’t want so both parties know exactly what to expect.

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