Your Website Is Critical For Your Marketing Success


Your website is one key sales tool, that keeps on giving, 24/7.

A high performance website must begin with an attention-grabbing homepage; one that distinctively conveys your company identity, shows you are a reliable and trustworthy business, all at a glance. Internet users make up their mind about a website within approximately one twentieth of a second. Yep, the snap decision that they make about the quality of your webpage can have a lasting impact on their opinions.

Once you have captured your audiences’ attention the next challenge is to keep them engaged! How do you do that? Easy navigation (the less clicks the better), interesting content, be original, use photos, have a strong call to action, ensure your site is responsive and adaptable to the latest technology (iPhones, tablets, laptops, projectors). Even a free offer to have them touch base with you is worth considering. And these are just a few key points from a long list to consider.

Take a look at your website. Take a look at your competitors’ website. Put your feet in your customers’ shoes and pull the websites apart, what works and what doesn’t? Would the tab with your website still be open at the end of the session, or would the user choose someone else?

Your brand needs to shine through every page!

It’s a technology driven society we live in, before contacting you or upon meeting you, one of the first touch points will be ‘googling’ your name. Make it a name to remember.

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