Message from President (April)

Have you ever made a call to Fairwork Australia (or Employment New Zealand for our NZ members) for information on wages or conditions for your staff to ensure you, as an employer, are doing the correct thing?  You may just be drawing attention to something your business has not been doing properly, opening yourself up to prosecution!  A better option for Employers wanting to seek advice is to call Employsure.

I’m excited to announce that IPA has partnered with Employsure to bring our members a total risk management solution for workplace relations and workplace health and safety.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of using Employsure services myself and have been very happy with the professionalism and knowledge of their consultants. For my business (a small business with limited resources) rather than employing someone for the office to formalise and document my operating manuals I am using Employsure’s services, confident in the knowledge that they are specialists in their field.

With consultants throughout Australia and now also in New Zealand, I believe that this partnership will be extremely beneficial to IPA members.

To take advantage of IPA member partnership rates, contact our Employsure appointed Representative Malcolm Chong on 0456 783 360.

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