Message from President (July)

by Nerida Hills

Winter is well & truly upon us and where I live (Gippsland, Victoria) with overnight frosts making for a beautiful sight to wake up to.  I love the crunching of frozen grass underfoot & the frozen puddles provide some fun.

However on the downside, I now have to think twice before taking any plants out of my heated hothouse.

I’ve been caught out before, many years ago when I thought I’d be super organised by loading up my van with plants for a new installation the night before, allowing me to get away first thing the next morning.

It was late May, and I should have known better!

Everything looked just as I had left it the night before as I got away early to install the new plants.  The customer was happy with the plants and I left feeling pleased with myself for getting the job done so efficiently.

A week later when I went back to check on the new installation the signs of damage had emerged…black leaves falling off the sad looking plants!!

My poor clients thought they’d had some negative effect on the plants by merely being in their presence.

I had to come clean and explain the situation, the plants were promptly changed for healthy specimens (straight from the heated hothouse on a mild day) and everyone was happy.

So as you are rugging up this month, spare a thought also for the storage & transportation of your precious plants.


Nerida Hills

IPA President


A beautiful frosty Gippsland morning

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