Message from President (September)

Hello Spring!!  What a welcome sight the first blossoms of the season are.  With the days getting a little longer and the sunshine ever-increasing, I’m convinced that even our indoor plants seem to respond.  I’ve noticed an increase in business activity to match and can’t believe that I am receiving orders for greenery to decorate end of year presentations and dinners already.

I had the pleasure last month of attending Martin Kellock Pots and Planters Vicinity Greenwall Systems launch at the Glasshaus in Cremorne Victoria. Not only was this a very informative evening with a professional presentation delivered all about the Vicinity Greenwall system, it was also a great opportunity to meet and chat with others in the industry. I was also keen to check out the innovative venue for the launch where they simply use the aesthetics of indoor plants to create a lush green space available for events.

Within the venue a sample of the system was set up and on display for those in attendance to gain an understanding of how it would work in practise and I found it interesting to see the choice of plants used. While I’m sure that many of you have already mastered the art of the greenwall, we can always learn from what others are doing and take something away for the benefit of our own clients.

Personally I find it helpful to have the option of a number of different types of greenwall systems enabling me to choose the most appropriate for the particular situation and client budget.

For those who missed the presentation I recommend you check it out here: Australia Greenwall launch v3

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