Conference Spotlight: Biemond Nurseries

Biemond Nurseries is one of our generous sponsors for 2017 IPA conference Connect, Discover, Thrive, inspiring a growing industry being held in Melbourne March 2nd – 3rd 2017.  Their commitment, along with our other sponsors The Container Connection & Hort Journal Australia to the future of the industry, as we evolve & grow is to be commended.

About Biemond Nurseries

Biemond Nurseries was established in 1985 by Bill & Marion Biemond who migrated to Australia from Holland in 1981.

Over 30 years Biemond Nurseries has grown from nothing, to now growing in over 11,000 square meters of greenhouses (mostly heated) across 3 locations. Biemond Nurseries prides itself on a spirit of excellence in everything that they do; this attitude spreads across all aspects of the business from the way they pick out plants to the way they conduct their selves in the market place.   

Biemond Nurseries prides itself on a high quality product with a high level of service. They value their customers and actively pursue the perfect plant for your needs.

Biemond Nurseries is NIASA Accredited and part of the Nursery & Garden Industry of Victoria. They are also ECOHORT Certified highlighting their commitment to continuous improvement with minimal impact on the environment. In recent times they have had many articles in industry publications, this is because of their new and fresh approach to “doing nursery”.

Quality plants can be a very subjective subject; At Biemond Nurseries they define quality on a few accounts. Firstly, the plant needs to look fresh and lush above the soil. Secondly, the roots need to be healthy, white and fibrous, able to take up any fertilizer and water which it receives. If these conditions are met you will have a long lasting plant in your home.

Growing methods and technologies are regularly changing and Biemond Nurseries are always aiming to utilise these to grow better plants for their customers. They are totally committed to continuous improvement, if there is something that you are not 100% happy with, let them know and they will ensure that it is rectified or improved.  

For more information:

Contact Biemond Nurseries:
Ph. (03) 5964 4830 (trade inquiries only)

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