Looking Forward to Connect-Discover-Thrive 2017

Hard to believe but in just a few months I’ll be on my way to one of my favorite places on earth—Australia! As an American I never thought I’d have the chance to travel to the other side of the planet, yet this will be my eighth trip to the land of Oz, along with my husband Ted.

Our first stop? Melbourne, of course, for the IPA conference, Connect-Discover-Thrive 2017, where I’ll be speaking again after a few years’ hiatus. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new people for the first time. One thing I’ve learned is that “plant people” are the same no matter where you go.

I find that whenever I speak at a conference, I learn so much from those in attendance, and I enjoy trading information and tips with the people who join my sessions. Here are a few highlights of what we’ll be covering, and learning from each other:

Design Trends in the US and Beyond

We will take a look at what’s happening with interior designs in the US and how it has affected the designing of interior plantscapes across the pond and beyond. You’ll have a chance to see some of the winning projects of I-Plants Magazine’s International Design Contest and hear the stories behind their designs. I will also share with you how biophilic design is being incorporated into the interior plantscape in the US. Plus find out what’s next with my predictions as we move forward into the next 10 years of designing with indoor plants.

Design Basics for Interior Plantscapers

Are you new to interior plantscaping, or feel like you need to add more pizazz to your interior plantscape designs? We will learn the basics of designing today’s interiorscape and how to create contagious excitement with your indoor plantings. See how digital photography and digital design software can polish your presentations to your clients and get them as excited as you are about their project, large or small. Based on the fundamentals presented in my latest book, The Manual of Interior Plantscaping, published by Timber Press.

Plant Care with Kathy Fediw

My favorite workshop to teach! Your horticulturists, front-line staff and their supervisors and managers will learn how to keep your plants looking beautiful on your accounts for a long, long time. Professional watering practices; pruning to reduce plant replacements; and how to detect, control and prevent major plant problems including pests, diseases, environmental and nutrient issues will be covered. This workshop will be hands-on and accompanied with a PowerPoint presentation, so bring your tools and magnifiers with you!

Pricing Strategies for Plant Hire Companies

Ever wonder how your competition could possibly underbid you by so much? This session will show you the numerous pricing strategies used by interior plantscape businesses in the US and around the world (hint—not all are ethical practices!). You’ll also find out how and when it may be appropriate to offer a discount, how to control your costs so you can be more competitive, and how to negotiate with a client without giving away your services. Based on my online learning course, Beating the Competition- Pricing Strategies, for interiorscapers.

Recruiting and Retaining Employees in Today’s Tech World

Newspaper ads are out, the Internet is in! Find out how to find, recruit and hire new employees who will stay with you for a long, long time. Plus learn the #1 factor when deciding who to hire—it’s not what you might think! We will explore alternatives to print newspapers including various forms of the web and social media, and how to make this field more appealing to younger staff members who grew up online. Find out how to “profile” your best horticulturists and how you can improve your business with each new hire.

See you soon!

Kathy Fediw, LEED AP ID+C, CLP, CLT


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