Can’t Miss Opportunity!

Can’t Miss Opportunity!

I purchased my ticket for the IPA Conference and now everyone wants one! 

Why? I’m glad you asked.

Endorsement from Julie Watson  (Green Design Marketing Consultant)

At first glance, the conference just seemed like another expense with an undetermined outcome. I decided to attend because, as the Marketing Manger I was the least involved in plants so I thought this would be a great way for me to learn more about the industry and meet other like minded people.

The Managing Director agreed that it would be a great event for me to attend. Although he knows the benefits of sending staff to conferences, he was still hesitant to send more than one person. Then, when I printed out the registration form and handed it around to a few others, there was a lot more interest. 

The excitement in the office grew, and it didn’t take long for the boss to agree to at least two more people attending. He actually suggested it!! The Connect, Discover, Thrive theme is brilliant and truly reflects the essence of the conference. The program is packed with speakers, workshops and information sessions that it would be hard for anyone not to see the benefits of sending staff from all areas of their business. Having all the workshops and Dinner included in the price is a bonus!!

For me, it was the fact that I could learn about plants and the plant industry as a whole, to improve my marketing plan for 2017/18. For my Managing Director, he wanted his Management team to attend to listen to innovators, upgrade their knowledge on plants and planters and be amongst others in the industry. He saw this as an opportunity to become a leader, rather than being left behind. We may also be sending some of our operations team or senior plant techs because of the excellent program…watch this space.

I have no doubt that anyone who attends the conference will come away learning how to be more effective and efficient as well as more knowledgeable within their own business. They will feel more and more a part of a ‘growing’ industry. Members of IPA are never alone, even if they are running a very small business. It’s a great way to connect with piers, discover new ideas and make your business thrive!  

See you there!

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