Message from President (December)

I’ve been speaking with many of our members recently and find it encouraging to hear how busy so many of you currently are.  In the lead up to Christmas there are so many opportunities that we can take advantage of including sprucing up existing contracts and offering living seasonal decorations.

Personally, I am finding the event hire market is very interested in the green image and decorating with foliage seems to gaining a lot of momentum.  Not surprising when I look at what we have to offer in comparison to many other event services.  Plants can be used to create a big impact while being cost effective for the organisers.  And for those of you that sell plants a living gift is always a winner.

As I rush around trying to take advantage of all the opportunities, I do feel lucky to be part of this industry and getting to spend my days caring for and getting creative with plants.  We are always telling everyone else how good being around nature can make you feel and it’s important to make sure don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate it for ourselves.

I wish everyone a very Happy Christmas with some time to appreciate the rejuvenating benefits of plants, and a New Year filled with fresh opportunities!

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