Live Panels® and Live Pictures® from The Container Connection

In 2015 Mobilane and The Container Connection Group formed a partnership to distribute their innovative products Live Panels® and Live Pictures®.  We were very excited and proud to team up with a proven organization and bring more great products that are relevant to plantscaping and landscaping across Australia and New Zealand.

Mobilane is a family-owned business and has been providing quality and innovation for over 80 years. Mobilane is a specialist in developing and marketing instant indoor and outdoor landscaping systems.

Experience, innovation, and passion form the basis for Mobilane and The Container Connections’ success in bringing these unique products to our very diverse client base.

In early 2016 The Container Connection Group (TCC) thought it would be a good idea to trial a Live Panel for a 12 month period outside in the harsh Australian environment on an exposed North facing wall in Melbourne.  TCC provided all of the components and Nerida Hills, President of Interior Plantscaping Association (IPA) and owner of Nerida’s Interior Plantscaping, sourced the location, installed the plants, maintained and recorded the information over that 12month period including daily temperatures, humidity and water consumption.   TCC thank Nerida wholeheartedly and her team for all of their hard work in the pursuit of delivering real information and believing in the process. TCC then put the data into a spreadsheet format which was then converted into a proper pdf document by Emily Tunn from Somethink Creative  This data along with images is now available on the IPA website and The Container Connection.

An example of a LivePanel® installed indoors comes from Scott McGregor owner of Plantability and a long term customer of TCC installed a Live Panel®/Green Wall from the Container Connection 4.8 mtrs long x 1.6mtrs high (11 Cassettes long x 3 Cassettes high) in October 2016.

Plantability Green Wall Oct-2016

Scott McGregor’s client wanted to make a stunning first impression for his local and international clientele.  Scott satisfied his client’s aspirations by installing a Live Panel in the reception of this large commercial Rockhampton real estate practice.

Everything the client requested was achieved with this amazing living wall.  The client along with his staff and clientele are very happy with the result, as is Scott.  The Live Panel has been installed for 10 months now and looks as good as it did on installation.  Maintenance schedule is weekly, special lighting was installed which is turned on in the evening. Thanks Scott for allowing us to use your LivePanel® image.

Benefits of LivePanel®:

  • Exchangeable cassettes
  • Easy installation and quick assembly: pre-planted cassettes eliminate soil spillage on location
  • Low water consumption
  • Modular system
  • Indoor and outdoor application
  • Very slender construction that takes up little space
  • Thermal insulation advantages
  • Improves the room’s acoustics
  • Low maintenance
  • Contributes to a healthy indoor climate through oxygen production and fine-dust capture

Call the Container Connection in your state for some information on Live Panel® and Live Pictures®.

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