Industry Accreditation

Industry accreditation is a form of industry self-regulation. Through significant consultation and review, industry sets what they believe are the skill levels, qualifications, systems, procedures and experience that a business or individual within an industry should have to enable them to operate to an acceptable industry standard and preferably to an industry best practice standard.

A well developed, administered and marketed scheme can have a significant benefit to both an industry and also the accredited business or individual. These benefits can flow through in the form of higher quality work and productivity, better overall standards, greater professionalism, and profile. Industry accreditation can be a prerequisite for a contractor to tender or quote in some industries.

Interior Plantscape Association Accreditation for Australia and New Zealand Members

Interior Plantscape Association (IPA) has developed and delivers its own high-quality accreditation program to raise the professional standards across our industry. IPA accreditation provides a quality and performance benchmark for Interior Plantscapers. Association Accreditation is a transparent system for providing public confidence and accountability through a tool utilised for improvement in the Interior Plantscape Industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Once accredited you will benefit by having the edge you need to compete against your competitors and have procedures and manuals in place to operate your business more effectively and efficiently.

Membership of Interior Plantscape Association (IPA) is compulsory to achieve IPA Accreditation. Applications can be found on IPA website.

Note:  IPA Accreditation must be renewed every two years.

Paul Plant Consultant and Accreditation Assessor

IPA Accreditation officer Paul Plant, a Registered Horticulturist, is responsible for overseeing the accreditation process for Interior Plantscape Association members. Paul has worked in the landscape, nursery and interior plantscape sectors, as well as education, media, and industry development. He is also the editor of Subtropical Gardening Magazine and does weekly segments on three radio stations in South East Queensland.

Why become IPA Accredited:

Most companies focus on providing a service and miss the opportunity of improving their processes to prevent problems in the first place. Completing the accreditation process gives you the opportunity to update your policies and procedures making sure you are on top of all documents required to run a successful business smoothly. Other reasons as to why become IPA accredited include:

  • Industry accreditation can be a prerequisite for a contractor to tender or quote in some industries
  • IPA accreditation validates Interior Plantscapers credentials by certifying that they meet certain criteria.
  • Applications are independently assessed to ensure it meets the high standards expected of a leading business
  • Provides differentiation and recognition based on industry-developed standards
  • Provides public confidence of a high-performing operator who adheres to high-quality standards
  • Accreditation gives you the ability to demonstrate to clients that your business has the recognised technical and business skills to undertake the work required to the high standard necessary
  • Shows clients that your company offers consistently high-quality product and services
  • Demonstrates your company has high level of experience and knowledgeable professional staff who can perform the required work to high standards
  • Apply sound business practices, strives for continual improvement and maintain a high level of professionalism by all staff members.
  • Accredited companies are held to strict standards and must maintain those standards with each renewal application
  • Improve customer confidence and business reputation by becoming accredited which will help secure repeat business
  • Use of IPA accredited logo to use on your marketing collateral and signage


Accredited Interior Plantscape Association Members

Ambius – Johan Hodgson

Green Inspiration ACT – Sandy King

Green Design Indoor Plant Hire NSW – Rudy Ursem

IEQ Indoor Plants QLD – Peter Dolley

Instyle Indoor Plant Hire ACT – Andrew Dimoff

Living Simply ACT – Graham Holbrook

Posh Services NSW – Paul Mead

Plantercraft Indoor Gardens WA – Scott Eastman

Trans-Plant Services QLD – John McSweeney

Waiting for approval
Jarrett Services SA – Chris and Joanne Rose

Advance Plants QLD – Nick Holt

Nerida’s Interior Plantscaping VIC – Nerida Hills


Interested in becoming accredited and unsure where to start?

For more information contact

Elaine Tunn

IPA Executive Office

(M) 0452 590 255

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