Farewell and thank you to John McSweeney

It’s been a long journey for John McSweeney, owner of Trans-Plant Indoor Plant Hire Qld, to reach this point where he will begin his next exciting journey. John has recently sold Trans-Plant Indoor Plant Hire. Interior Plantscape Association board of Directors, Executive Officer, and Members would like to congratulate John on the sale of his business and to thank him for his continued support and service to the Interior Plantscape industry over many years.

John was a foundation member of the Queensland Interior Plantscape Association. He recalls the first meeting was held in the meeting rooms of the now Mercure Hotel at North Quay, Brisbane in 1984. At this meeting, the members elected John as Treasurer and he continued in the same role for a further 18 years, until QIPA regrouped to become National Interior Plantscape Association (NIPA) and now the present organisation Interior Plantscape Association (IPA). In more recent years John has also taken on the role as Chairperson of the Membership Sub-Committee and later for the Accreditation Sub- Committee.

John reflects on QIPA when it was founded.

‘It was a very strong and well-supported association, which held very successful bi-annual conferences in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Training days organised for staff were well attended by plantscapers from most companies. A book and video library was available to members. Marketing brochures and member manned stands at trade shows all helped to promote the industry and association’.

John has always found the local plantscapers fair and reasonable competitors that are keen to work together to promote the industry. Getting good prices for plant hire services and large installations on most accounts, John finds is a sweet memory of days gone by.

John sees IPA as a catalyst for reacting to changing and challenging times, something needed to keep our industry developing as an important and continuing part of interior design.

Q) What is your vision for the industry in the future – where do you see the opportunities emerging?

A) I have seen this industry go from the days when clients wanted to see an indoor jungle, to larger and larger plants being installed indoors. A better utilization of office space has now seen the demand for smaller plant sizes, narrower forms, and plants that fit into leftover spaces. It can be very challenging to fit any plants into some modern offices. The future direction of this industry will be to keep in close contact with designers and architects and work together to make plantscapes that are interesting, exciting to fit into the limited space available. Clients enjoy seeing the plants around them grow and develop. I have seen many examples over the years where clients have taken great pride in growing their own plant walls up partitions using Pothos trails from our desk gardens. Plantscapers need to develop interesting products that can allow more client interaction and people/plant relationships.

John McSweeney at IPA Melbourne Conference March 2017

John McSweeney at IPA Melbourne Conference March 2017

Past President, Steven Brett, thanking John McSweeney for his service to IPA, 2015

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