Growing a Successful Business

The holiday season has come to a close and the New Year is here. Now that you are back at work are you clear about what you want to improve in your business for 2018?Business

If you have acknowledged the fact that time goes by fast and the only way to have a profitable, enjoyable business is by actually knowing what you want & how to make that happen then good for you are on your way to success!

But, if you are not clear about what you want to achieve to improve your business or believe that you can’t make it happen then 2018 will be chaotic.

Lack of clarity and belief in your own abilities are two of the biggest reasons why people don’t succeed. So get clear and start believing you can do it.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Are you prepared to become the person you need to be successful in business?

Success takes hard work, determination, focus, effort, discipline. If you’ve made the commitment to yourself to be the person you need to be in order to succeed, then you are well on your way.

Getting rid of the bad habits and replacing them with good ones, like being organised, staying focused on what you need to do, putting in the effort to make it happen, disciplining yourself to do whatever it takes – this is what will set you apart from your competition.

Ask yourself every day, “What kind of person do I need to be today in order to succeed?” and then become that person.

Do you have a business plan and update it every year?

If you have a plan, even if it’s just a vague one, of the things you need to do in order to achieve what you want, you’re on your way! One of the biggest reasons why people don’t succeed is because they don’t have a plan of action.

Think about it, not having a plan for your business, goals and dreams is like knowing you want to drive from Cairns to Hobart, but not looking up the route or having a navigator in your car you’d never get there.

It’s the same in business. You don’t have to have it all figured out, but you have to at least know what the next steps you need to take are. If you are an IPA member then go into IPA member’s login section  you will find resources to get you started on your business plan.

Is your branding consistent?

It’s time to update your website, marketing material and social media, contact information and most importantly review your rates. If you haven’t changed anything in the past three years you are behind and potential clients will notice it. If you want to make an impression that things are new and fresh within your business practices and that you have done some amazing work in the past year be proud of it and put fresh pictures in your portfolios, fliers and website. If you are member of IPA make sure your photos are updated on member’s directory section:

Your business is all about going green – BUT

Are you doing everything you can to cut back on consumption and waste in your business practices?

Environmental care is especially important for interior plantscapers. Many of the clients who use your services are concerned about the environment. Finding one or two ways to improve your operations so that you have a smaller environmental impact is good for the planet and may mean more business. Recycle EVERYTHING: Whether within the office or outside of the workplace, recycling is possible. There are lots of steps you can take to make sure your business leaves a minimal impact on the environment. Pick a couple of small goals that you can stick with throughout the year.

Are you open to new ideas?

It has been identified if you don’t change each year the way you are doing things, in your business, you will quickly become a dinosaur.

Is there a new plant you have been wanting to incorporate into your interior Plantscape designs? Is there a new client you are after? Are there new containers you want to work with? Have you made a Facebook page or blog for your business yet?

Whatever it is that you have identified that you feel will help to grow your business then make a resolution that you will do one new thing for your business this year. Decide what it will be and write down the steps in your business plan that you need to get started.


How are you planning to grow your business?

Have you been thinking about bringing on a new employee? Moving to a larger space? Adding new customers? Getting a new van? Whatever your goal, write it down or print it out and post it someplace prominent. Then do it. Challenge yourself and your employees to do something that seems impossible in 2018. And don’t forget to plan your reward for achieving it!

Are you up to learning something new in 2018?

Even though you are a professional in your field you can still learn something new. Take a class, find a mentor or attend a conference. Figure out what you want to know more about. It could be marketing, business management or technical information. Find a way that works for you to learn more.

Is it time to clean up certain areas of your business?

Clean out your files. Hire someone to deep clean your office. Organize the top of your desk. Clean your greenhouse and remove old, unused stock. Clean out your vans. Choose one area that you will focus on to clean this year. You will breathe a little easier knowing that at least one mess has been removed.

Do you surround yourself with like-minded people?

If you’ve come across unpleasant or jealous people who would rather see you stumble and fall, instead of succeeding, and you used their comments to fuel your desire to succeed, rather than stop you, then congratulations for not letting someone else kill your dreams.

Too many dreams are squashed by people who don’t want you to succeed. So don’t ever let this happen to you. Stay strong – this is your life your business, make it spectacular and don’t let anyone stop you.

Are your prepared to hang in there when times get tough?

If you’ve gone off track, found the road’s become a little bumpy… even faced huge blocks along the way, and throughout it all you’ve kept going. then you’re closer to succeeding than you think.

The journey of owning your business is not always easy and it’s the people that hang on that succeed. So carry on being the kind of person that will hang on, even when everyone else has let go.

Are there going to be times when things feel hopeless? Yes. Will there be moments when you want to quit? Absolutely. But be your tenacious, brilliant self and you’ll pull through

Share your ideas  

These are just a few ideas for small adjustments that could mean big improvements for your business. When you make your resolutions remember to make them measurable and attainable so that you accomplish them. Write your resolutions down and post them someplace visible next to your computer or somewhere that isn’t too distracting in your van. Then you won’t forget them and you can regularly evaluate your progress. Tell other people about your resolutions so they can hold you accountable. Do whatever works for you but make sure do something. Have an exceptional and profitable 2018!!

If you have any ideas you would like to share with your fellow members, email

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