President’s Message (April)

by Arthur Stacey

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to Nerida Hills, who has stepped down as IPA President after three years on the board.  Nerida has done an amazing job as President and has put in many voluntary hours to improve our industry.  Change often comes in waves, and that’s certainly true for the IPA Executive Committee with our Treasurer, Dee Helm, also stepping down and making way for a new team this year.  I would like to offer a big thank you to both Nerida and Dee along with Johan Hodgson and Julie Watson, who have generously re-nominated for another year. Together they have all worked tirelessly for the good of our industry.

I would also like to welcome our new board members, Katie Heane (Treasurer), Gabrielle Stannus (Secretary) and Karen Smith. Along with Johan Hodgson and Julie Watson, I feel confident, with our members’ feedback, we will continue to grow our industry. Feedback is always welcome so please pick up the phone and welcome your new board and share with us your ideas!

“If you own or manage a business, the next 10 years will see your role change dramatically” These were the words of the presenter, Dr Lyn Bishop, Founder Principal/CEO Sheldon College, Victoria Point Qld, at a business seminar I attended recently.

My question is how will we cope with the changes that will happen? Changes in employment laws, health and safety requirements, quoting styles, advanced computer programs just to mention a few. Many new jobs now require significant time taken up on inductions before any work can begin. To protect our companies from fair work claims, an enterprise bargaining agreement needs to be done with each staff member. These are some of the challenges facing managers of our Industry. These requirements all add costs to jobs!

To assist our members with some of these issues I have been in contact with Employer Services (ES) Qld, to gain specialist advice on staff employment issues. Check out ES website to view their specific benefits.

If you are interested give them a call to discuss your requirements and mention that you are an IPA member so that you will receive a discount of $75 off the cost of ES subscription. To receive the discount use the unique code: DISCOUNT75IPA

Your Executive Management Committee will continue working to develop links with other specialists in the areas mentioned above, so if you have any comments please share.

The positive is that there is a strong desire to promote the green environment. This is good news for our industry, and especially for those companies that can meet the challenges of the new age.

Let’s keep pushing the green theme!

Until next month…

Arthur Stacey

2018 IPA President

(M) 0412 494 441

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