President’s Message (June)

I recently checked out several caravan sales yards, with a desire to purchase one.

The level of customer service at one sales yard was nothing short of exceptional, every detail possible was attended too.  We ended up purchasing from that dealer who made us feel like the ‘King and Queen’ of caravans, even though another dealer promised more features.

This made me think about how customer service is so vitally important for any business. How will your business survive if you don’t have customers?

You are the director of first impressions!

Customer service means going above and beyond to keep your client happy, whether that means answering any questions they may have or resolving issues with a positive attitude. Customer satisfaction should be your top priority, and hopefully creating loyal, returning customers. To be successful with customer service, a company must train their employees on customer service!

So, how is your customer service?

Do you show that you really care, when you ask your clients how they are, and do you show real interest in their reply?  Are you friendly and do you give a strong hand shake and look them in the eye?

Be adaptable as every client is different, and some may even change their minds from week-to-week. We have all had clients like that!! However, your client will judge your business from the first minute you meet them, so why not make it a moment of magic, not mediocrity!

The client’s prime interest is in knowing what magic you can provide with their plants. Your client, not your company, determines the value and be aware their perception is the reality.

Aim to show them that your company offers exceptional customer service that sets your business apart from the others in the industry.

Can you think of ways to offer exceptional customer service that will give you an advantage over your competitor?

Don’t apologise about anything you cannot provide, instead talk up the features that you can provide.

How can you improve your standards of customer service? Add them to your 2018 Business Strategic Plan. If you don’t have a strategic plan, and you are a member, you can find a Business Plan template in the member’s login section of IPA website

That’s all for another month!

Arthur Stacey -2018 President

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