Who wants to be a winner?

Who wants to be a winner?
Thanks to Yates and Organic Crop Protectants if you pay your IPA membership by the end of February you will go into the draw to win a new release book titled ‘Yates Top 50 Indoor Plants and how not to kill them’ by Angie Thomas. Or a prize pack from Organic Crop Protectants.
Eco Organic Garden
Organic Crop Protectants have been leading the way in organic horticultural solutions since 1991. Their prize pack is valued at $145 and contains the following products from their popular eco-organic garden range:
  1. eco-oil
  2. eco-neem
  3. eco-fungicide
  4. eco-aminogro
  5. eco- seaweed
  6. eco-hydrate
  7. Slasher Organic Weedkiller.


Yates Top 50 Indoor Plants and How Not to Kill Them!

The top 50 indoor houseplants for Australia and New Zealand — what’s best and how to keep them healthy.
Bring the outdoors in and breathe new life to your home with plants! Houseplants are well and truly back on trend — they instantly lift an area, make a room feel fresh and welcoming, and brighten your mood.
On top of this, indoor plants are great for purifying the air and creating a healthier home. Together with microbes in the soil, plants work wonders to reduce harmful pollutants released from indoor furniture.
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