President’s Message (March 2019)

An enormous thank you must go to past President, Arthur Stacey. Arthur’s dedication to the industry goes back many years, in fact decades. Arthur was a founding member of NIPA (National Interior Plantscaping Association) and was the President for several years in the early 2000’s. He has been on the Executive board for more than 25 years & last year nominated as President of IPA.


I personally believe strongly in being actively involved in the industry and as such have the utmost respect for Arthur and his dedication and commitment to the industry and look forward to his continued association as a member of the board.


Karen-SmithMy name is Karen Smith, I am a horticulturist and have worked in the broader horticultural industry for 25 years working in many areas of the horticultural industry during that time, including running my own business. I love horticulture and believe we work in an industry that adds value to our community in many ways. Firstly, we work with beautiful products that not only add aesthetic value to society, but the health and wellbeing aspects set us apart from many other industries – they are the icing on the cake!


I look forward to my role as incoming President. When wearing my other hats, I work as a horticultural trainer and as the Editor of Hort Journal Australia. In both these roles, I come across a diverse range of industry people working in various sectors of horticulture, nationwide.


I honestly believe that there is a huge division between the sectors which can at times make some sectors feel isolated. In my role as Editor of Hort Journal, I have worked hard at connecting those sectors as I see benefits associated with working cohesively. Individually, organisations may seem small, but put them all together and we have a huge voice which can certainly add benefit and value to all concerned.


In accepting my role as President, I see a bright future, indoor plants are riding on a huge wave and I would love to see that continue to grow. I’d like to see stronger connections to growers and suppliers. May I also say, I would love to hear from members, your thoughts, concerns and ideas. IPA is your industry so have your say, I am only a phone call or an email away. Together let’s make IPA an association to be envied.


Karen Smith


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