4 tips on how to promote indoor plants to interior and architect designers

Imagine integrating indoor plants into every interior or architectural designer’s whole concept, just like carpet, furniture, lighting and workstations.

Interior Plantscape Association (IPA) is working hard every day to achieve our vision that every corporate building designers include interior plants in their overall design and have IPA plantscapers supply and maintain them!

Feedback often received from the architectural community about interior plants is ‘Our designs are for modern interiors and we don’t want plants to clutter our clean lines with plants. ‘To have that perception about indoor plants surprises our industry. You would have to be living under a rock if you were not aware that plants are not a hindrance but a huge benefit to any interior or architectural design.

But, convincing an architect or client who has a specific design and budget in mind can be a challenge.

So, why don’t architects embrace indoor plants in every design concept?

Maybe our industry assumes that architect designers know the real benefits of indoor plants. But what if designers know all about the benefits and still think plants are just hard work and plants really don’t affect the whole concept of their design, when in fact indoor plants make a huge difference in many ways. We know it, but do they know it?

Continually educating and promoting the many benefits of indoor plants, not just the aesthetics, but the whole interaction between environment and people would interior designers and the architectural community take more notice?

Maybe, but unless you put the energy and time into building relationships and networking with the decision makers you will never get a foot in the door! Once you build the relationship make sure you have a marketing strategy in place that will keep the door open!!

If you want to be respected by designers and the architectural community as well as having indoor plants being specified to use in their designs here are 4 tips that might help you to open those doors:

  1. Approach interior designers and architectural community in a professional and positive manner and offer solutions that will complement and enhance their design.
  2. Professional photos are worth a thousand words and in promoting indoor plants it is no different. Photos are only valuable if they are excellent quality so invest in a good camera and start snapping! Make sure you have a professional portfolio with before and after photos of your current projects.
  3. Listen with an open mind to what the designers are trying to achieve. There are so many ways to complement their concept. Clear open communication is key but listening is priceless. Make sure you are not just hearing what the designer is saying but that you are actually listening and helping them to solve problems.
  4. Be creative. Let’s raise the bar in our designs!! Search out one of a kind decorative containers in your specific area to keep your designs unique. Check out what IPA suppliers to the industry have that will help you make a statement and positively impact the look with new and exciting designs. An indoor plant in a black glossy container is not what the Interior Plantscaping industry is all about. You have to be more creative than just a pot and a plant. Challenge yourself to promote & design in different and innovative ways that you know your clients will love because you have listened to their needs & provided creative solutions!!

Of course, we must not forget it is business, so be competitive in pricing but allow room for a decent profit that includes exceptional guaranteed service of your plant installation & maintenance. Proving that our industry members are reputable and reliable with new and exciting ways to create great designs it’s not rocket science.

It is really quite simple, as Walt Disney said   “Whatever you do, do it well”

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