2019 International Design Contest winners

Well done to Nerida Hills, past president of Interior Plantscape Association (IPA) who was one of four judges for the eighth annual 2019 International Design Contest, proudly sponsored by I-Plants Magazine.

This year Johnson Fediw Associates who sponsored the contest and the publisher of I-Plants Magazine gave donations in honour of the four judges to Green Plants for Green Buildings and to Interior Plantscape Association of Australia, in support of the fine work they do to promote urban landscaping in its many facets.

I-Plants Magazine is proud to feature 34 award-winners and their project which was the largest number of entries and winners yet.

Want to know more then turn the pages and be inspired : http://interiorscapeconsultant.com/IPlantsJune2019.pdf

The 2019 entries were judged by a panel of 4 experts:

Rich Batcho, an award-winning special events designer and owner of BATCH-O-BLOOMS; Mary Golden, Executive Director and Advocacy Incubator for Green Plants for Green Buildings and president of Golden Group;

Nerida Hills, past president of Australia’s Interior Plantscape Association and owner of Nerida’s Interior Plantscaping, Vic Australia;

Joe Zazzera, founder of Plant Solutions and past president of Green Plants for Green Buildings.

Entries were judged on the uniqueness and innovation of their design; innovative use of materials; appropriateness for the space; and satisfaction of the client.

Johnson Fediw Associates is the sponsor of the contest and the publisher of I-Plants Magazine; and is a diversified consulting and education company serving the interior plantscape and urban horticulture industry world-wide.

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