Ocean Financial Centre, Singapore Financial District

Towering 43 storeys above Raffles Place, Singapore, Ocean Financial Centre is a commanding presence in the heart of Singapore’s financial district and the preferred address for multinational corporations.

It is classed as a premium office development and was designed by world-renowned architectural firm, Pelli Clarke Pelli.

You can take in the spectacular views of the city skyline, constantly thriving with activity. Strategically located between the Central Business District (CBD) and vibrant Marina Bay, this magnificent structure is the centre of business and leisure.


Designed today for sustainable tomorrow, Ocean Financial Centre is fitted with extensive green walls and energy-efficient features including landscaped roof gardens, air purification systems, and an innovative paper recycling system for all offices.

Simple yet iconic, the design of this world-class development will remain quintessential always. It is one of the most sustainable office developments in the central business district with BCA Green Mark Platinum and LEEDs Platinum awards. The integration of LED lights on the building façade creates an unforgettable silhouette along Singapore’s beautiful horizon.


Clair Hurford, photographer said: Spanning approximately 19m tall and 110m across, the two, 125 sq.m green walls covers the facade of the Ocean Financial Centre multi-story carpark. One side of the green wall depicts a map of the world, the other a map of Singapore. It was created using over 57,000 potted plants. This spectacular green wall held the Guinness Book of Records title for the ‘World’s Largest Vertical Garden’ until 2013. This title was then taken by ‘The Tree House’ condominium in Bukit Panjang (pictured) and its 24-story vertical garden.

The Tree House condominium in Bukit Panjang-min

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Photo credit: Clair Hurford, Singapore

Information from the internet & Clair Hurford

Article written by: Elaine Tunn


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