President’s Message – July 2020

Connect with the Green and Growing World of Interior Plantscaping

As we move into reduced restrictions the IPA Executive Committee are keen to ‘get growing’ with our membership drive. The interest in indoor plants is thriving at the moment and as such we would love to drive that interest into the workplace.

If you are already a member, we need your help to grow our membership, spread the interest and invite others to become a member. Think of all your suppliers or strategic alliances who could benefit from being a member. Together we can ensure people are working in a healthier environment. As members, we know of the many benefits that plants offer, not only the aesthetics but the therapeutic benefits. We have updated our brochures so that you can email to your contacts or print and hand out. Download the brochure here.

For a truly strong association, we need more members and diversity. If you work in any of the following areas, we need you and would love to welcome you as a member:- Landscapers, Architects, Interior Designers, Marketing & Communication Professionals, Facility Managers, Body Corporate Managers, Event Management, Leasing Companies or Building owners, Students, Retired professionals, Qualified Educators, Training organisations. You may have other business in mind such as your suppliers of, growing media, plants, irrigation etc. 

There are many benefits being a member of IPA and what better way to connect with other businesses than through our association. Let’s work together on this drive for the benefit of all.

The Executive Board members are also working on a series of webinars and compiling a calendar of events. If there is any specific topic you would like to see covered please let myself or Elaine know and we will do our best to see it happen.

For those of you who booked on the Singapore Study Tour, the tour will go ahead as soon as restrictions rise and we receive information from Singapore. Our contacts there are on standby and are as keen for us to go there as we are. I know it’s disappointing as we would have been heading off now for the horticultural trip of a lifetime. Please be assured it will happen and we will keep you posted as news comes in.

Karen Smith

IPA 2020 – President

(M) 0425349137

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