President’s Message – August 2020

Business evolution

For any business to stay profitable it needs to constantly change and evolve. Challenges are thrown at us and this year has been a challenge to say the least. At first, it can be overwhelming, however, if we approach challenges in a calm, thoughtful and strategic way most challenges can be overcome.

I’ve heard many people say, ‘business will never be the same after COVID19’ and maybe that is true. How we adapt to the change is what matters.  I hardly ever used Zoom pre COVID19 or listened to webinars, now it seems I find myself dialling in regularly. I’ve tuned in to listen to world class authors, business advisors, marketers and more and have found them both useful and definitely educational. Accommodating change has its benefits!

Likewise for the ‘Interior Plantscape Association’ we need to make changes to remain active. We want to ‘thrive’ not just stay alive. I thank our current board for committing so much extra time over the last few months while trying to keep their own businesses moving forward. It has not been easy and thank you also to our CEO Elaine Tunn.

You would have had a phone call by now from an IPA representative asking you to nominate a business to become a member.  We are trying to grow the association as a growing organisation offers more opportunities. You may also want to consider nominating yourself or another member to consider becoming a board member next year. Your input is valued and would love to hear from you.

We are also booking in a list of webinars, if there is a speaker or a topic of particular interest you would love to tune into, please contact me directly.

Karen Smith

IPA 2020 – President

(M) 0425349137

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