Green Social Distancing at Work and Home

‘Green Social Distancing at Work and Home’ is rapidly becoming the new normal. If you have a business or workplace that will be, or is currently opening up again after the coronavirus lockdown, keeping workers and clients appropriately distanced is important.

Even though we are all aware of the need to practice social distancing, it isn’t natural for anyone to stay six feet or more apart at all times. Physical barriers can certainly come in handy as reminders and guidelines, so why not make these barriers as welcoming as possible.

Implementation of Biophilic design principles, which connects occupants to nature, is proven to have an immediate, positive impact on mental health.

Investing in plants that are more welcoming than other types of physical barriers, could be the perfect solution for your workspace. They are more visually attractive and also offer many overall health benefits.

Bretts Plants Solutions Sunshine Coast Qld

Bretts Plants Solutions Sunshine Coast Qld


Here are just a few suggestions to use plants as social distancing barriers in an office space, shop or restaurant:

  • instead of a tape X on the floor, use potted plants. Mark out six feet (1.8 m.) between each one and people will know where to stand while waiting in line;
  • in restaurants, planters between tables not only mark appropriate spacing but also provide a little extra protection between groups; and
  • creating green walls is the perfect way to make sure that you are practicing social distancing, they can be also be moved around as needed to separate groups.

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There are many proven ways indoor plants can provide appropriate social distancing. To find out more contact one of IPA’s members who will not only be able to choose the right plants for your setting and purpose but they will also be able to maintain them!


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