Congratulations to accredited members

Congratulations on achieving the valued status of being an Accredited Member of Interior Plantscape Association for another 2 years.

Plantercraft – WA

Advance Plants – Qld

Ambius – National

All three companies have proven to be fully compliant with industry standards, procedures and policies. When clients are looking for reliable and transparent Interior Plantscapers they look for ‘Accredited Members.’ Well done!

Why become IPA Accredited?

Most companies focus on providing a service and miss the opportunity of improving their processes to prevent problems in the first place. Completing the accreditation process gives you the opportunity to update your policies and procedures making sure you are on top of all documents required to run a successful business smoothly.

The completion of Interior Plantscape Association accreditation process demonstrates not only that your policies and procedures comply but also that you are fully committed to achieving, and adhering to, industry-recognised standards in many areas.

Accreditation is validation that you/your business has been meticulously assessed by Interior Plantscape Accreditation (IPA) Officer, Paul Plant and successfully met (or exceeded) the standards and becoming accredited also builds vital confidence and trust in your business by providing tangible evidence that you will deliver the level of quality that consumers and commercial clients expect.

Win more work!

Gaining Accreditation is clearly good for business and it also satisfies the requirements for tenders. In terms of growing your business this presents a whopping big marketing advantage over your competitors that haven’t yet reached the same accreditation level as you.

For more information contact:

(M) 0452 590 255

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