Growing Native Plants – Indoors!

What would I give to get my hands on this book?

Reading books is not a novel idea, and despite the advent of the digital era, this pastime will not pass any time soon. Whilst researching for an article about growing bush tucker plants indoors recently, I was reminded that I have yet to succeed in my quest to obtain a hard copy of Growing Native Plants Indoors.

I have been trying to get a copy of this book for several years now. At one stage, I even contacted a garden bookstore called Florilegium to let me know when they received a second-hand copy that I could buy. Unfortunately, this bookstore has ceased trading so that avenue has closed.

Why do I want a copy of this book so badly?

Written by John Wrigley and Murray Fagg, Growing Native Plants Indoors was first published by Simon & Schuster in 1992 as part of the Mount Annan Botanic Garden native plant series.

Fagg and Wrigley are noted botanists who have worked with the Australian National Botanic Gardens, amongst other herbaria and professional appointments.

They are not your fly-by-night ‘experts’ now propagating themselves on social media. Wrigley and Fagg know what they are talking about. Sadly, Wrigley passed away in 2014, so it is unlikely that this book will be updated and reprinted.

Growing Native Plants Indoors contains valuable information about hundreds of Australian foliage and flowering plants and explains how to grow them successfully indoors.

It also includes information on lighting, watering, temperature, pruning and pest control for each species, as well as advice on potting mixtures, propagation, pests and diseases.

Whilst I love the convenience and accessibility of a good search engine to help with my research, nothing beats the feeling of opening a real book. Unlike your computer monitor (or recalcitrant teenagers), the pages of a book do not glare back at you. And after a long day in front of the screen, my eyes are frankly worn out.

So, I will continue to scour the shelves of op shops, and even tip shops, for a copy of this text and other books related to gardening, plants and design. Who knows what serendipitous discoveries I might make!

Which book do you want on your bookshelf?

Which plant or design book have you been itching to get your hands on? Share your stories with us on the interiorplantscapeassociation Facebook page or tag linkedin (@Interior Plantscape Association of Australia). Who knows? A fellow member may just help to you find a copy.

PS. ‘Bush tucker grows up’

Fortunately, I was able to find some excellent sources of information for IPA’s article about edible native plants that could potentially be used indoors. I interviewed Christian Hampson, CEO and Co-founder of Yerrabingin, in my article ‘Bush tucker grows up’ in the December 2021 issue of Hort Journal Australia.

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Gabrielle Stannus / Inwardout Studio – Tasmania

IPA Committee Member

Image: My current reading pile with one notable absence (Image: Gabrielle Stannus)

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