Indoor Plants and Pets – How to keep your cute companions safe!

Indoor Plants and Pets – How to keep your cute companions safe

Indoor plants are the perfect addition to any home or work environment.


Because they not only look amazing there are many proven scientific health benefits;

🌿 Indoor Plants Improve air quality

They are natural air-filters! Plants absorb harmful toxins in the air while releasing oxygen into the home or work environment.

🌿 Reduces Stress

Even if you love where you work and live, sometimes stress is unavoidable!

University of Sydney (UTS) research also found that offices experienced the following benefits:

37% reduction in anxiety;

44% reduction in office hostility;

Reduced chronic fatigue by 40%;

58% reduction in reported depression.

🌿 Plants may boost your productivity and creativity   

Many studies have found that plants in the workspace increases productivity and creativity.

And creative blocks are no joke!

Whether you’re out of ideas or stuck on the same one for a little too long, indoor plants can provide inspiration.

 🌿 Plants can help attract talented people

Did you know that 50% of employees have no natural light in their place of work?

Also, one in five people said they have no natural elements in their office, whatsoever.

That means that a lot of us are working in a dark, lifeless space, which if you ask me, doesn’t seem like an appealing place to be.

That’s why there is an upward trend of potential employees taking the physical space into consideration when searching for new opportunities. 

So, that is a bit of a snapshot of the benefits of indoor plants BUT how can you create your own urban jungle at home if you have pets?

That is a question one of Interior Plantscape Association members, Jasmine Ross from Urban Plant Boutique is frequently asked in her retail store.

Being a parent of both indoor plants and pets you always face the chance of your canine or feline friend eating your indoor plants.

Indoor plants can easily be replaced or recover from being chewed, BUT the bigger issue lies with toxicity in certain plants, which can be very harmful to your pets.

When we talk about indoor plants being toxic to animals, we mean that they can make your pet pretty sick. How sick they become depends on a few things – the plant, the animal and how much they nibble.

Have you ever looked for safe house plants for pets while at a plant nursery?

It can be extremely difficult to determine which plants are safe and which aren’t, especially when there are so many species of indoor plants for sale.

 However, there is GOOD NEWS!

There are several pet friendly plants available that will keep your pets out of trouble so you can still enjoy your indoor urban jungle.

To make it easier for you to safely expand your indoor jungle and help you to choose non-toxic indoor plant options, Urban Plant Boutique have put together a list of their top 7 pet safe plants.

Head over to Urban Plant Boutique for their blog on the ‘Top 7 Pet Safe Plants for indoors’

Armed with the right knowledge you can create your indoor jungle and keep your cute companions safe!

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