Emily Goldsmith is the founder of uBloomd. This young Australian indoor plant pest company was founded in 2021 and has already become a staple for thousands of Aussie plant parents.

We are proud to Welcome Emily and her team to Interior Plantscape Association.

uBloomd has revolutionised how to control fungus gnats in indoor plants.

Their Anti-Gnat Kit combines stylish Green Sticky Trap, which attracts flying insects like fungus gnats, white flies, thrips, aphids, and fruit flies by scent, with a Neem oil spray for overall plant health and root protection.  

The Green Sticky Traps camouflage with indoor plants whilst being aesthetic, functional, waterproof, and pet-friendly.

uBloomd aims to help you flourish with green, healthy, pest-free plants, meaning catching those pesky gnats has never been simpler or more elegant!

Comments from Emily:

I’m a firm believer that plant care should be easy. 

Plants are complex living things, and one technique doesn’t work for them all. 

However, plant pests are simple (or could be). 

At uBloomd we aim to make plant care simple for everyone. We focus on sustainable and natural solutions to common plant pest problems to ensure we protect our planet Earth. 

All plants will attract pests; that’s nature, but they don’t need to be stressful or frustrating. 

Our all-in-one product handles numerous pests, equipping you with the knowledge and technique to kick every pests butt. 

We look forward to working with Interior Plantscape members and helping you to control those pesky gnats!

To contact Emily email – uBLoomd@gmail.com

Emily Goldsmith
0403 064 224

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