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Interior Plantscape Association (IPA) developed and delivers its own high quality accreditation program to raise the professional standards across industry and recognises the importance of continued professional development. Association Accreditation is a transparent system for providing public confidence and accountability through a tool utilised for improvement in the “Interior Plantscape Industry” in Australia & New Zealand.

 Once accredited you will benefit by having the edge you need to compete against your competitors & have procedures & manuals in place to operate your business more effectively & efficiently.

The accreditation process is managed by IPA Accreditation Officer Paul Plant.

Advantages of being accredited?

  1. Opportunity to update your policies and procedures making sure that you are on top of all documents required to run a successful business smoothly.
  2. Demonstrates not only that your policies and procedures comply but also that you are fully committed to achieving, and adhering to, industry-recognised standards in many areas.
  3. Gaining accreditation is clearly good for business and it also satisfies the requirements for tenders.
  4. Becoming accredited also builds confidence and trust in your business by providing tangible evidence that you will deliver the level of quality that consumers and commercial clients expect.
  5. Accredited members are able to use the IPA Accredited Logo on their marketing collateral.
  6. The most important advantage you will Win more work!’

Note:  IPA Accreditation must be renewed every two years.

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