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The 2023 Awards will:

  • Recognise some of the most outstanding work done by our members during 2022-2023;
  • Inspire other members to strive to set higher and higher standards, both for their own businesses and clients, as well as for the industry; and
  • More broadly, to foster greater media and community awareness and recognition of the exceptional work our members deliver on a daily basis.

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Who can enter the awards? The awards are open to any member of the Interior Plantscape Association across Australia and New Zealand.

When will the awards be held? Entries are open Monday 31 July 2023 and close on Friday 29 September 2023. Winners will be published on the IPA website in early November and announced across our social media platforms.

How do I enter? Participants are invited to submit up to twenty photos of an installation they have completed during 2022-23, accompanied by a written submission of up to 1,000 words.

In this written submission, participants will explain the design choices that they made and why (including the brief from the client), what challenges they needed to overcome, as well as any innovative features of the design.

What will it cost to enter? Entrants will be charged a modest fee (plus GST) for each entry they submit.

Can I enter more than once? Yes! Members are able to enter the awards more than once, provided each entry is for a new installation. This means that members can enter the same category more than once e.g. a member could submit entries for two separate small installations.

Members can also have multiple entries across different categories e.g. a member may submit entries into the small, medium and/or large categories if they choose.

How will the awards be judged? The awards will be judged by an independent panel of horticultural and design experts. This will be a ‘blind’ judging process. As such, any content in either the photos or written submission that indicates who the entrant is will be removed before our judging panel receives each submission.

I’m not an interior plantscaper, but I am interested in sponsoring the awards. Is that possible?Yes absolutely! Over the coming weeks, we will be approaching those associated with the indoor plant hire industry (e.g. suppliers) to sponsor the awards. Sponsors will receive a range of benefits, including having their branding included prominently in all of the social media and other communications that are sent out throughout the year to members in relation to the awards.

Award categories

Indoor plant styling

Will there be different award categories?
Yes. We have four award categories.

Small Installation
This category is open to any new indoor plant installation with 50 or fewer plants.

Medium Installation
This category is open to any new indoor plant installation with between 50 – 150 plants.

Large Installation
This category is open to any new indoor plant installation the has over 150 plants.

Open to interior plantscapers who have implemented sustainable solutions and products over the past 12 months.