IPA Executive Board update: September 2015

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Outcomes of the most recent IPA Board meeting, centred mainly around key areas to move the association forward. These include agreement to make the following a priority: membership drive; sponsorship of projects, events and activities; build a media presence to grow IPA’s visibility & credibility; and to develop an ongoing events calendar and ongoing member [...]

IPA Latest News

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IPA Executive Board update The IPA Board is pleased to report that we have plans to flood the media with information on the benefits of indoor plants over the coming month. The board has been working hard to increase IPA’s profile by initiating contact with other associations, government and media outlets. We thank our members [...]

Message from President (July)

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I enjoyed the opportunity to chat with members in person this month at our ‘Marketing on a Budget’ workshop in Victoria. Special thanks to our new Affiliated Member, Alan Marion from Trainex Systems, for presenting the workshop and all of the Victorian members who attended. In a brainstorming session held at the workshop, members kindly [...]

Useful Resource: How to Grow an Urban Forest, 202020Vision Project

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If every urban LGA in Australia were to create an urban forest, then 20% more urban green space becomes an achievable reality. With this in mind, the team at 202020 vision have put together this resource to help overcome some of the barriers to greening urban environments. Download here. For more information on the 202020Vision [...]

IPA Member Profile Peter Fiedler, ABC Indoor Gardens

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Q1.  How long have you been in the interior plantscaping industry / your background in a nutshell? I have been working in the interior plantscaping business now for about 40 years…I started my career as a teenager helping out in my parent’s interior plantscaping business which was Green Fingers in Sydney. At that time Green [...]

GBCA Webinar: Ambius – Working with indoor plants

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Ambius are running informative webinars through the Green Building Council Australia (GBCA), to offer GBCA members the chance to learn more about the importance of incorporating plants into workplace interior design. The next webinar, facilitated by Ambius Operations Director (and IPA Board member) Johan Hodgson, aims to teach participants some of fundamentals including: The benefits [...]

Media watch: July 2015

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A selection of online news, videos & blogs featuring interior plantscaping, biophilic design and urban greening projects recently: Greening Melbourne's Roofs and Walls Office Plants Can Boost Productivity and Morale Are Green Workplaces Better Is Australia the land of opportunity for biomimicry? Living Walls Transform Living Interiors Designer's Take on Indoor Plants Three best houseplants [...]

Green Day Forum: Report by Julie Watson, Green Design

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At the recent Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) ‘Green Day Forum’, it was exciting to hear some of the speakers talking about Biophilia, 202020 Vision and Indoor Air quality being improved by plants. Large corporations are all heading in the ‘green’ direction and this will have a flow on effect for Property Mangers, Architects and [...]

NEW!!! DIVA Planters by The Container Connection

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Southbank Brisbane and Roma Street wanted to liven it up a bit in some of their urban spaces by adding our grand lady of planters, the DIVA, in multi colours to enhance the ambience of the streetscape and to soften urban infrastructure. Dotted amongst the palm trees at Southbank, the Diva’s have a playful presence, [...]