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Wholesale Plant Supplier Ironstone Lagoon Nursery is a family owned and operated wholesale propagation nursery that has been operating in Knuckey Lagoon, Darwin for over 40 years. Ironstone Lagoon Nursery are currently taking contract growing orders, specialising in indoor plants such as Spathiphyllums, Dypsis Lutescens, Rhapis excelsa, Sansevierias, Dracaenas and Licuala Grandis to name only a few. Contract growing is an [...]

IPA Member Profile: Katie Heane, Olive Green – Plant & Prop

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Q 1. How, when and why did you start in the industry? I come from a back ground in Real Estate and the wedding industry. My love of interiors intensified in the 4 years I worked as a sales assistant in real estate on the Bellarine Peninsular and Williamstown. I worked alongside property stylist and saw a [...]

Project Spotlight: Ambius & A1 Office Fitouts

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A1 Office Fitouts design, construct, project manage and maintain office spaces. They believe that offices should possess synergy with a business’s brand and culture to make the day to day logistics of doing business easier. In the competitive world of interior design and fit outs, A1 needs to stay ahead of the game and they [...]

IPA Member Profile: Maryanne & Gary Volker, Evergreen Interiors, Mackay Qld.

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Q1. How long have you been in the interior plantscaping industry / your background in a nutshell? Gary and I both came from rural (cane farming back grounds). With the downturn in the industry we looked to diversify. I began horticulture studies at TAFE when we stumbled across a small plant hire business that was [...]

Survey Results from IPA members June 2015: Top five plants trending now

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Thank all of our members who participated in our recent survey. This is valuable information which we will be able to share with our wholesale growers, hopefully resulting in more availability of the plants that are in demand for you in the future! The results showed that the top five plants trending now or in [...]

IPA Member Profile Peter Fiedler, ABC Indoor Gardens

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Q1.  How long have you been in the interior plantscaping industry / your background in a nutshell? I have been working in the interior plantscaping business now for about 40 years…I started my career as a teenager helping out in my parent’s interior plantscaping business which was Green Fingers in Sydney. At that time Green [...]

Green Day Forum: Report by Julie Watson, Green Design

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At the recent Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) ‘Green Day Forum’, it was exciting to hear some of the speakers talking about Biophilia, 202020 Vision and Indoor Air quality being improved by plants. Large corporations are all heading in the ‘green’ direction and this will have a flow on effect for Property Mangers, Architects and [...]

IPA Member Profile: Paul Mead, Posh Services

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Q1.  How long have you been in the interior plantscaping industry / your background in a nutshell?  I grew up with a green thumb.  My parents have always been in the nursery industry and I had hands on experience from a young age.  My family entered the indoor plant industry when they bought a Tropical Plant Rentals [...]

Meet IPA Executive Committee Board – Julie Watson, Marketing Manager, Green Design, NSW

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Q. Why did you volunteer / agree to be on the Board and who persuaded you to volunteer?  Elaine Tunn called and asked if I would be interested in joining the Board. I’m relatively new to the indoor plant industry (two years) and wasn’t sure I would be the right person to sit on the [...]