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Interior Plantscape Association

Mission Statement

The Interior Plantscape Association mission statement outlines the commitment and ongoing support given to the industry.

To provide education, support, mentoring and information to the interior plantscape industry throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Network, promote and raise awareness about the health benefits of indoor plants to Government, media, business and public sectors.

Strategic Goals

Advocacy and Lobbying – to raise awareness about the indoor plant industry within the Government, media and wider community

Information and updates – to consistently communicate the wellbeing benefits of nature in the built environment

Provide education, training and events – to provide collaborative strategy for continual professional develop (CPD) and training to ensure all members adhere to higher industry standards

Facilitate connection and networking – to continually network with and create networking opportunities for members, suppliers and sponsors

Financial – to reach the financial targets set by the Treasurer of the Executive Committee at the AGM and ensure the association’s ongoing solvency

Awards – to showcase the outstanding and exceptional installations by our members every year.

Code of Ethics

The code of ethics for the Interior Plantscape Association (IPA) include:

To uphold the objectives of the Association, encouraging a spirit of harmony and co-operation with fellow members and to promote and support the policies and principles of our Association.

To enhance and foster the professional and ethical practice in the rendering of my services to bring honour and dignity to the Interior Plantscape Industry.

To maintain the highest standard of honesty and integrity to my clients and fellow members.

To encourage educational development and training and the research into new methods and techniques to improve workmanship quality and ensure continued professional development (CPD).

To strenuously work for preservation of my industry to stimulate the free enterprise system and assist in the framing of legislative proposals for the benefit of my industry and those I serve.

To assume these responsibilities freely and mindful of my obligations to serve the Association and thus enrich the overall industry through dedication and service.

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