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POSTED 01/2024

2022 Winner – Medium

Green Design Indoor Plant Hire, NSW

When we were approached by this client in November, they wanted an installation by early January. As you can imagine, this is a very busy time of year for everyone, including the other stakeholders we would be working with.  They wanted as much nature as possible and wanted a natural finish to their pots. They also wanted a tree in their entry!

We love a challenge!!

We were able to commit to getting their installation done on an urgent basis. While it’s easy to do this if you are using generic planters and standard plants, we always prefer to paint our own planters individually, based on our client’s custom needs. Nothing was to be ‘plastic’ looking. In addition, while we always use real plants, the client wanted artificial plants in certain areas, and we were able to come up with a solution for these areas which worked in with the living plants to ensure they looked real and worked well.

The designer for this project was great to work with, and had already purchased a significant tree, a Ficus Benjamina, for their entry. When the Ficus Benjamina arrived at our nursery, it had some issues with bugs/mites which came with the tree. We set the tree up in our irrigation system and began the rescue. As we began our consultation process, we realised there would be a few issues with this installation.

Firstly, we noted that the plant’s root system was far too large for the well in the joinery on site, and would have caused a major issue for installation.

Second, the Ficus Benjamina, in our opinion, would not survive in this space. The plant itself was not suited to the environment.

The tree is an exceptional design element, so we had to make this work.

Only a smaller planter would fit into the joinery, so the root ball needed to be small enough to fit. We replaced the plant for the client with one of our own Ficus Sabres, a plant specifically planted and grown indoors so that it would flourish in the entry for this client. Our Sabre fitted perfectly into this space.

Next, we offered to include a complete rescue of the Ficus Benjamina on the client’s behalf until they decide what to do with it.

Going above and beyond by including the new tree and rescuing the other plant on the client’s behalf is something we are proud of in supporting the best outcome for the client.

The site was an old industrial office, and it presented some other challenges.

To get the artificial plants set up to look as authentic as possible, we needed to have access to some high positions. Living plants would not have worked in these spaces as there would have been too much disruption in the workplace for servicing. Lucky for us, the builders were very accommodating and pleasant, and this in turn left us willing to go above and beyond the initial brief to get the job done. There were many moving parts, and everyone worked as a team, synchronising nicely to achieve a great result.

Desk pots were included with Lady Valentines and other variegated plants including Golden Hearts and Happy Plants to support the brief of including colour in these areas. These planters were a mix of styles to give variation to the look, as well as including textured paint on the floor plants to have the natural look, without the expense of real concrete or the difficulties of delivery and installation of heavy pots. Our client was pleased that these pots are all recycled and sustainable.

Other free standing floor planters included Ficus Lyrata, Happy Plants, Zanzibar Gems, Kentia Palms, Janet Craigs and Deremensis, all in large varieties. There was a request for black mulch, but we quickly discouraged the client on their suggestions as these can have toxic effects on some people indoors as well as some of our own staff. Black pebbles are also great, but can quickly become dusty, rather than glossy and bright, so not the ideal look that is intended. For this reason, we used natural wood/bark mulch.

It’s not the first time we’ve installed a tree, but you must admit, they are not commonplace in a foyer/entry to an office. Trees will only work in specific spaces where there is plenty of light, and only if they are prepared in the right environment.

Due to the variety of plants, the tree in the entry, stunning joinery plants, hanging plants, desk pots and floor plants, we thought this installation was deserving of an entry in the awards.

When it comes to the final product, we made this office feel like an urbane jungle!

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POSTED 01/2024

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