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POSTED 02/2023

2023 Incoming President’s Message

Good afternoon,

Firstly, I would like to thank Cameron as the outgoing President for all the effort he has put into the association over the past two very difficult years.  I’m sure when Cameron put his hand up for the role, he had no idea, like most that Covid would run havoc in the community and our businesses.

Thought it would be appropriate just to name a few things that Cameron and the association completed during these two years:

  • Introduction of Fact Sheets on Business Compliance and Safety procedures
  • Kept members in the loop as to what was happening with the industry and especially dealing with Covid lockdowns and restrictions.
  • Assisted in the reintroduction of Technician Training which is now being rolled out across the country.
  • Always encouraged the industry to raise industry standards.
  • For overseeing the Inaugural awards
  • And supported the activities of Elaine during these two testing years.

Thanks Cameron and the 2022 Committee.

As the Incoming President, I would like to continue with what Cameron and the outgoing committee members have developed to ensure continuity and the success of the industry and the association. Especially the training that has been introduced.  Providing Training to our Technicians is certainly a resource I am sure benefits members and their staff in ongoing training and development.

A couple of areas I would like to focus the Boards activities on are:

  • the selling to third party markets and our client industries on what we as Indoor Plant Hirers bring to the table, continue telling the story about the benefits of plants.
  • assisting the industry in moving with the IT revolution, exposing our members to  the latest IT systems available to run their businesses
  • and finally bring key experts in to educate us further about important aspects of running our businesses such as marketing and tax via webinars etc.

It is great to see a continued increase in plants being incorporated into offices, which we can further support by providing a voice to the likes of the Green Building Council, be invited to industry symposiums to showcase what our industry does and how plants benefit the workplace.

I would like to see more industry members be asked to come in and talk about the benefits to their clients, be approached by fit out firms when installing planters and be the experts that are consulted before the work goes in and not after, having then to correct the issues when non industry players fit out offices.

Finally, I would like to thank the industry association and committee for giving me the opportunity to part of the IPA Executive Management Committee.


Ray Borg – 2023 IPA President

Green Design NSW
(M) 0414 809 746
(P) 02 9119 1280

POSTED 02/2023

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