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POSTED 01/2024

2023 Winner – Medium

Green Air NZ

Quality of Design

  1. We were invited to collaborate with the team at Warren & Mahoney on the fit-out of Precinct Properties’ new head office in Auckland. Precinct Properties is New Zealand’s only publicly listed Property Company specializing in premium commercial real estate, owning and managing high-end workspaces in the heart of Auckland and Wellington.

Our involvement in this project highlights Precinct Properties’ commitment to sustainable and aesthetically pleasing design solutions that align with their vision for premium office spaces.

These included:

    • Core Design Brief: Considering the design aesthetic, planting unique fitting solutions and plant species.
    • Products Specified: Built-in gardens, Kitchen Joinery planting, bespoke green screen.
  1. Our objective was to create a refined and carefully curated plant arrangement that adds a green element without obstructing the architectural aesthetic or the expansive views of the Waitemata Harbour. This approach aims to promote health and well-being and improve office air quality by designing the space to accommodate the natural growth of plants throughout the seasons and in response to the available space and occupants.
  2. Our philosophy revolves around establishing a profound connection with nature by drawing inspiration from the forest floor and incorporating organic elements. We achieved this by grouping a mix of plant varieties with New Zealand native fern species en masse and crafting a design that mimics the appearance of a natural forest. This design fosters a deeper connection between individuals and nature within the workspace, encouraging conversations and making people feel at ease. These values are timeless and exceptionally appealing.

Quality of Installation

  1. The built-in gardens serve as the prominent plantscaping features on the site. Taking inspiration from the natural setting of the forest floor, we meticulously considered the variety and placement of each plant. To create a sense of depth, we chose a variety of species to achieve varied heights to create movement in the available light levels. This is paired with a mix of native ferns to maintain the connection to native New Zealand Flora. We completed the plant selection with trailing under planting to grow along the topping, unifying the entire garden.
  2. The selected pots for the kitchen shelving unit had a Granito Finish ensuring a consistent natural look and feel throughout the space.
  3. To maintain the biomimicry of the forest floor, all solutions were dressed in 100% natural, sustainably harvested Fern Fibre. This hydroponic substrate retains moisture for extended periods without causing waterlogging, promoting healthy growth. This is particularly crucial for the thriving of the trailing under planting, which contributes to achieving the desired lush density.
  4. To meet the Green Star rating criteria, we were challenged to maintain a minimum soil surface area of 6.78m2, calculated based on the total office floor area of 1207m2. Through careful calculations and planning, we successfully achieved this by utilizing pots of various sizes.


  1. We ethically sourced punga logs to serve as a natural alternative for growing poles, providing a healthier substrate for plant growth. These logs also serve as a consistent element to maintain a continuous connection and create variations in plant height.
  2. For Research & Development, we introduced NZ native ferns into an office environment for the first time. 25% of our plants were made up of native ferns.
  3. All site plants were placed in smart grow pots, which regulate water absorption. An indicator helps our service technician monitor the water level in the watertight solution to prevent over-watering.
  4. We had the opportunity to collaborate with Warren & Mahoney to craft a unique landscape garden design that not only leaves a lasting impression but also fulfils all the plant’s needs, including light levels and growth requirements.

Each element of the bespoke green screen was carefully designed, from the mesh thickness and aperture to the frame planter to complement the overall look and feel of the office.



  1. The maintenance schedule for the Precinct Head Office site is conducted on a fortnightly basis. During these visits, our comprehensive service program includes a thorough quality check to ensure the plants maintain a healthy and fresh appearance.
  2. In the event of a pest infestation, we adhere to our best-practice of cleaning, pruning, or replacement based on the extent of the infestation. Our treatment solutions are derived from natural products and are entirely chemical-free. We also strategise the use biological control.
  3. The gardens are concentrated in three primary areas, each located in the North, East, and South regions of the site. The plant selection was based on the available environmental light levels with no supplementary lighting.
  4. Our smart grow pots use a wicking system to absorb the perfect amount of water for individual plant requirements.
  5. Each plant undergoes individual cleaning, polishing, trimming, and pruning to ensure its continued excellent condition. Additionally, to promote balanced growth throughout the seasons, we rotate each plant as needed. Should any plants become overgrown or age, they are promptly replaced.



  1. To minimize waste, the built-in gardens were custom designed to precisely fit the desired grow pot sizes, and we also repurposed our staging materials to complete the design.
  2. All grow pots utilized on the site are crafted from 100% recycled materials and are produced using wind energy, including the cover pots for the column mesh planting.
  3. The logs procured for the grow poles offer a natural and sustainable replacement to the standard plastic PVC pipe with felt.

Sustainability has consistently remained a top priority for our brand. Our aim is to manifest this commitment through our design and solutions, starting from the installation day and continuing through the ongoing maintenance, ensuring a lasting positive impact.

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POSTED 01/2024

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