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POSTED 05/2024

Business Tip: How to Build a Strong, Inclusive, and Happy Work Culture!

Motivating your staff can be extremely rewarding. It takes a bit of effort and planning but if done correctly you can build a strong, inclusive and a happy work culture.

Remember without your team you don’t have a functional business. Team members are the most important part of your business. They are your biggest asset and brand ambassadors.

Having a thriving team culture not only helps you achieve your goals but also provides your customers with high-level service. Now that’s a win-win!

And having a win-win structure for your team and customers is a complex task.

It is essential to learn how to:

  • Work together effectively;
  • Be open in communication and actively listen;
  • Share leadership and decision-making responsibilities;
  • Build a high-performing team;
  • Clarify your mission constantly ensuring individual goals, responsibilities and roles are clear;
  • Develop and learn leadership practices;
  • Understanding 5 star customer service;
  • Show appreciation to your team members.

3 Important Tips

Weekly team meetings: If you are not having team meetings then it’s time you started. This is a great opportunity to not only share business issues and potential opportunities but it can also be a time where team members can give another team member gratitude for something they helped them with during the week. This is also the perfect time to actively listen to your team.

Team happiness: All work and no play! Many people have difficulty uttering the word ‘fun’ in a work environment. It is after all ‘a work environment’! Most millennials say the older generation have a better work ethic…and they do! But watch any high-performance millennials work for a full day, and you will discover the value of humour.

Millennials in particular expect work to be sprinkled, at least occasionally, with some humour and fun. So, why not assign a ‘happiness’ team member whose role it is to ensure each member of your team is happy and feels part of your tribe.

Growing in Leadership:  If you are the entrepreneur of your interior and outdoor plantscaping business, your expertise is plants. While it is important that you know the ins and outs of everything related to healthy interior and outdoor plantscaping, you also need to know a few things about leadership.

The Interior Plantscape Association is creating a training program to help our members strengthen their leadership skills.


Register your interest if you would like to know more information about the leadership learning modules, send an email to

POSTED 05/2024

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